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Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim India

Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim India

MEH: my simple story...

I really did grow up on a potato farm in beautiful Midwest America. My mother a Mexican migrant worker from the south and my pops a first generation German farmer "making his way."

Their "love story" is a great one... if interested ask me about it. It is definitely filled with "triumph & tragedy!"

I was lucky to have found my "true love" early on, ART then Photography which really to me means and equals one! 

Like many other photographers I am inspired and curious by people and the ways in which they live.  The importance of the "humanity"of that place in my work is an un-ending search. Forever curious, forever young and forever taking a chance to see life and its random circumstance. 

I studied art at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design and earned my MFA at the University of Wisconsin Madison. 

My mentors are many and I am lucky for that... Over the last twenty years I have worked on many fine art, commercial and journalistic projects using various camera formats and lighting conditions. I sure hope to keep them coming...

I am fortunate to have over a decade of teaching experience at various schools like the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, & as a Graduate student I served as a TA at the University WI - Madison in the Art Department, I also served as an Adjunct Photo Prof at Carthage College (Which was one of my favorite teaching gigs.), & my longest run  (11 Years) was a Photo Faculty member in the Media & Creative Arts Department at the Milwaukee Area Technical College.

But... then of course a new "life circumstance" the West came calling.... So as it stands I travel from the West to the Midwest to the West still making pictures! Still searching, still teaching, still in love & still "dancing with strangers." 

& things just keep on rolling… I have more recently taught as an Photo Adjunct at the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University and am currently teaching “Photography the Art of Seeing” at the Cache Valley Center for the Arts and I am a member of the COOP Artists’ Gallery in Logan, Utah.

Call, text or Email me if you would like to commission me for a portrait or a photographic story or series & if you would like to see a more specific collection of work or a show listing I can certainly do that as well.

Beware: I intentionally  have ex-cluded almost all color from my site... but know I have always gone both ways…


Some Clients & Publications

Goodwill Industries, Boys and Girls Club, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Washington Post, Milwaukee Magazine, Shepard Express, Time Warner Cable, Fine Woodworking Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, Milwaukee Public Museum, Wisconsin Dells Convention & Visitors Bureau, Milwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee County Transit, MKE Magazine, Cramer-Krasselt, Hoffman York, Griffin Design, Boelter + Lincoln, Hanson Dodge Creative